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Initial Eval "Cheat Sheet"

This "Cheat Sheet" provides order of tasks to be done in an initial evaluation including Signing consent, subjective Pain and function, Grip, SPPB, and 2 Minute Step Test.  Does not provide specific testing instrucitons.

Patient Specific Functional Scale

Patient or caregiver identifies 3 areas of  functional difficulties (ex. sit to stand, indoor balance, indoor walking) and rates their ability to perform identified activity  (0-10 or 0%-100%). 

Grip Strength--Hand Held Dynomometry

Impaired grip strength is an indicator of increased postoperative complications, increased length of hospitalization, higher rehospitalization rate, decreased physical status,  loss of independence, increased risk of functional limitations and disability, and all-cause mortality, comparable to quad strength, etc.


Short Physical Performance Battery  (Est. Time:10-20 min)

An objective assessment tool for evaluating lower extremity functioning in older persons including standing static balance, gait speed, and chair stands.  Strong clinimetrics and predictive validity for nursing home admission, increased need for assistance, future disability, and death.

Gait Speed

Sensitive predictor of declining physical mobility, discriminate between fallers and non-fallers, classify household from community ambulators, and has normative scores.  
Minimal Clinically Important Difference is  .05-.10 m/s

2 Minute Step Test

Alternate aerobic endurance test (marching in place), for use when space limitations or weather prohibits taking the 6-minute walk test.

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