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Function in Sitting Test (FIST)

14 item (in sitting position only) function assessment scored on independence, supervision, need for UE support, or assist needed.  Score does not change with decreasing assist (min, mod, max) but this can be documented and tracked.  MCID and MDC have been established.  Appropriate for all clients, recommend SitBAT for lower level if assist needed for sitting balance.

Trunk Impairment Scale (TIS)

Measures the ability of subjects to perform certain static, dynamic, and coordinated trunk movements in a only a sitting position.  Scores range between 0 (most impaired) to a max of 23 (most functional).

Sitting Balance Assessment Tool (SitBAT)

16 item sitting function assessment including transitions into sitting from lying, and out of sitting to standing.  Some items scored in assist needed (max, mod, min) or movement quality.  Inter and Intrarater reliability have been established but not MDC, MCID, etc. 

Sitting Balance Scale

11 item sitting function scale (10 sitting, 1 sit to stand) .  Scored in ability to perform without assistance.  Reliability has been established.  MCID and MDC have not been established.


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